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In your response to two peers, address the following:
What are some similarities and differences between your strategies both internally and externally?
Do you have any suggestions or recommendations for improving their feedback loops?Peer Post #1 – Angela
Hi Class,
Feedback loops allows us to evaluate progress towards our goals and
course correct accordingly to meet them, we can use them to drive
ourselves,our teams our companies,or our products.(Get2growth,2023)
Who will you ask for feedbacks from within the company?
I will ask for feedback from developing team, marketing team and the
customer, to enable me understand views from both sides. developers
play vital role in developing a game console, so their feedback helps
determine what software to use and how safe and convenient it can
create for the gamers. The marketing team can bring insights on what
marketing strategies to implement for the gamers.
Describe Strategies you plan to use for seeking and addressing
feedback from Customers?
The strategies that I plan to use will be in app feedback questions,
customer resolution hotlines and emails to the managers. Iwill also
implement discounts and incentives for feedback to bother internal and
Outline the internal communication channels you will use to address
feedback from internal and external?
To address feedbacks, there will a weekly meeting for the team to
analyze the concerns so we can course correct them. after the
meetings,responds will be sent by emails or through the app messaging.
Get2Growth.(n.d.). The power of feedback loops. Retrieved
from https://get2growth.com/feedback-loops/
Peer Post #2 – Jen
Hi Class,
I would look into feedback loops from my supervisor, the R&D
department, and someone in the sales department. Ideally, my
supervisor would know my capabilities and be able to guide me in the
right direction I would need to take things as they know how I work and
what I can do. The R&D department plays a big part in my new product
and would be able to give information on what has and has not worked
in the past. They may also be able to shed light on new processes or
products that they have been working on that may help my project
even more. People in sales know what is and what isn’t working in
markets right now and may be able to tell me trends that they have
seen or expect to see in the future.
To get feedback from the customers would be a little more difficult as
some do not have internet access. Since the market is developing or
emerging, some may be able to receive e-mails or surveys about
products they have purchased while others may need to leave
suggestions with the shops they purchase the product from. If the
latter was the case, I would suggest tracking when the majority of
products are purchased and sending a rep to those areas every quarter
to gain insights on what the customer thinks of the
products. Depending on the availability of mail service, having a
prepaid postcard with a survey may be the route to use.
For the internal feedback loops, email, meetings, and conference calls
may be the best way to handle the information flow. The external
customers may use internet services, prepaid postcards or in person
events in shops. With both internal and external customers, my
suggestions is to use a database to categorize and organize the data
received and then have use of a program like Tableau to show the
information that is relevant to the questions I was asking. This would
give the user access to not only the data but a way to visualize the data
that answers the questions.
Hope everyone is having a great week. Jen

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