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 watch  this video on how to do a blind contour drawing –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKHVqbM_xLU
The main steps in a blind contour drawing: 
1. do not lift your pen or pencil
2. do not look at your paper and only look at the object you are drawing
3. your drawing should be only 1 line if you do it correctly. Do not pick it up for details. 
4. To get details in you should change the amount of pressure you are applying while dragging your drawing tool when there are gaps. 
PART 1: 
Draw 10 BLIND CONTOUR drawings of your hand, and other objects. 
Follow the rules of making a blind contour drawing by not picking your drawing tool up therefore, creating a 1 line drawing of these objects. They should look wonky and weird. You should go slow and remain at the same pace will help you get things more proportionate. 
Post your top 3 blind contours
PART 2: 
Draw a self-portrait using this set of instructions:
Follow these instructions with the knowledge that you will be working towards a selfportrait…

Draw five lines – remember the different types, implied, irregular, directional… (these lines should create the defining points of your face

**Think about how a line can express emotion. What would a line conveying happiness look like? What would a line conveying anger look like? Maybe you can show your mood by the type of line you create. 

Draw 3 shapes – remember there are organic shapes and geometric shapes
Add in some shading  where it is needed- with a regular graphite pencil – notice how you can get light gray to a dark gray by putting different amounts of pressure, or overlapping hatches(lines)
Choose 1 color to add to your drawing that represents your mood. 

*Is there any implied motion in your drawing? How can you create implied motion using lines?

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