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DescriptionProject Guide for Option 2:
New Security Development Paper

To examine the relationship between the new computer security
developments, organizational security objectives, and security risks and

To learn how computer security advances through the process of the security
threats and inquiries

To examine selected key developments in computer security technologies or
mechanisms that have had a profound impact in preventing and detecting
security breaches

To utilize the critical thinking skills and analyze the evolution of a particular
security topic and see how the lesson can be applied in today’s business
Assignment Description
Write a paper that is up to 14 pages long (use 12-point Times New Roman font,
1.5 lines-spaced, and one-inch margins), describing a particular computer
security topic that is fairly new or has significantly evolved from the original one.
It should include, but not limited to:
1. Definition and explanation of the chosen computer security topic, which,
ideally, should be one of the latest developments in computer security that
has not been covered in the textbook for this course.
2. The factors and forces, if any, that enabled the technology.
3. How and why can the new development be used to prevent and/or detect the
potential security breaches?
Page 1
4. How has the technology impacted business and society?
5. Any lessons, if any, we can learn from the evolution of the technology.
Citations and references
Please use high-quality published resources to support your arguments and
writing. You can use the AUM library’s books and databases as your research
tool. Please avoid using vendor’s Web site content. Instead, if you must, use web
sites that are non-biased and authoritative such as those from academia (.edu),
the government (.gov), or reputed organizations. Try not to directly use
information from Wikipedia, as it may contain error or bias. If you do cite vendor
web sites, remove marketing terms and summarize the information in your own
words. When citing resources in your report, please document these resources in
the “References” section at the end of the report with citations (name of author
and year) in the text. Please use the American Psychological Association (APA)
style to cite your references. Not using this style would result in penalty of 5% of
your assignment grade.
All work in this assignment must be your own. You are not allowed to copy
parts or all of other’s work and use it as yours, especially from online sources.
Violation of this will be severely penalized, up to zero grade for the assignment.
Grading Rubric
The writing part will be graded according to the following criteria and weight:
1. Quality of information (40%):
a. A great paper will be factually correct and complete with substantial
detail to support the points.
Page 2
b. An average paper will be factually correct but have superficial detail to
support the facts.
c. A poor paper will contain errors in facts or be incomplete and
2. Analysis (40%):
a. A great paper will demonstrate that you have thought deeply about
the technology and the forces that led to it as well as its impact
especially with respect to the prevention and detection of potential
security attacks. Demonstrating this thought and analysis is the prime
goal of this assignment.
b. An average paper will contain accurate but trivial analysis. For
example, “the encryption made the computer securer”.
c. A poor paper will contain errors in analysis. For example, “the
encryption made it possible for the Giants to win the pennant.”
3. Writing quality (20%):
a. A great paper will demonstrate writing skills ready for the working
world. It will have a logical flow; concise presentation of material;
persuasive arguments and good grammar, spelling and punctuation.
No texting conventions are acceptable. “See you later” is not “C U
b. An average paper will demonstrate that your writing skills still need
work before you enter the world of business. It will be weaker on the
items above.
c. A poor paper will be one that shows your writing skills are not
acceptable for the business world and I will recommend that you seek
additional practice and remediation.
Page 3
The list below provides some examples of recent developments that are related to the
security or pose new security landscape.

Security of Mobile Platforms

5G security

Smart phone security

Mobile apps security


New types of security attacks and measures to prevent/detect
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