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There is a different 3 article under one discussion board. There is a slight that you can read and just write at least 50 words. and also Discussions should answer the prompt. They should avoid summation. Did you actually say what you liked and appreciated, or did you just do a summary?Story Of An Hour
Digital Edition…


A copy of this text can be found in our required

I own a number of collections of Chopin’s stories. Any
of them are likely fine if you desire a print copy for your
personal library.
Discussion Questions…
1. Did your response to Mrs. Mallard change at any point in the story? Where and why? If not,
what was your consistent response to her? What sort of personal and social values do you
think influenced your reading of the story? Be sure to cite specific examples.
2. How does close reading change when a story “gives away” the ending? This story, upon
rereading, offers a number of clues to what is going to happen next. Be sure to cite specific
Kate Chopin (1850-1904) is one of the great writers of the 19th century. Along
with women like Charlotte Perkins Gilman, George Eliot, and others, she is a
precursor to the feminist writers of the 20th century. Chopin’s writing was
published in Vogue, including almost 20 stories, The Atlantic, and other publications.
Her writing primarily takes place in her home state of Louisiana including this story
and others like The Storm, plus her novel The Awakening. Chopin did not write until
later in life and is best known for that novel, which was published in 1899. The
Awakening tells the story of a woman trapped in the confines of an oppressive
society. It was deeply criticized on moral and literary grounds.
Chopin herself was a fairly seclusive person and did not consider herself a feminist
or suffragist. According to Seyersted, Chopin was “never a feminist in the dictionary
sense of the term,” she never joined any organizations or clubs and was reportedly
dismissive of the importance of suffrage, but did introduce a “discreet feminist
touch” to her writing.
Her writing often involved, besides the above mentioned feminist “touch,” a lot of
local elements including creole and black characters.
There is a chance this story could be based on something in Chopin’s past,
according to biographers.
The Past…
The first time I read Kate Chopin’s writing was in high
school. A teacher saw that I had read a few novels by
Canadian writer Margaret Atwood and suggested I would
like Chopin, so I went to the town library and got her novel
The Awakening and a collection of her short stories. I really
liked both a lot.
I have taught The Awakening in a few courses including
LIT206 and LIT210. I have taught three of her short stories
in ENG102.
Things To Look For…

Do you know what marriage is like during this time?
What is railroad work like during this time?
Heart problem is mentioned right away.
During this time period women did not have much of a say and they were yearning to become more independent.
No matter where you stand on the story you don’t jump to conclusions. Your opinion on Mrs. Mallard will most likely
change throughout the story.
She is excited about her husband’s death because of all her newfound freedom.
“and yet she loved him—sometimes”
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