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Assignment #1
INSTRUCTIONS: This assignment requires students to analyze a topic of their choice and apply
material learned from chapter 3. Topics from which to choose, only 4 members to a
Discussion Topics

Dupont – Teflon
Anti-wrinkle cream
Juul’s E- Cigarrette

Digital Surveillance & Privacy
Ticket Master “Taylor Swift”
Twitter “Check Mark” issue
Research your selected topic;
Read at least 3 articles about the topic selected.
Review the marketing ethical guidelines from the American Marketing Association (ethical
values) website.
ESSAY QUESTIONS: Once you have conducted research, write an essay in the following format:

First Paragraph: Introduction
o Provide an overview of the business/company/parties involved in the issues from the topic selected.
o State the name of the company/organization (if applicable); the industry it operates in & the
business classification/category.
o Limit this paragraph to no more than 3 – 4 sentences.

Second Paragraph: Marketing Ethical Practices (Chapter 3)
o Identify two (2) concepts from chapter 3 that are applicable to the
selected topic.
o Apply the marketing mix to the topic selected. Be specific and provide
supportive evidence.
o Apply applicable ethical issues (as discussed in the chapter and the
American Marketing Association website – Click Here)
o Limit this paragraph to no more than 6 sentences. Discussion needs to focus on
the marketing aspect of the topic.

Third Paragraph: Conclusion
o Discuss the direct or indirect marketing impact due to the behavior exercised in the topic
selected. Support your answer and use material learned.
o What marketing lessons can be learned from the topic selected.
o Limit this paragraph to between 3 – 4 sentences.

Fourth Paragraph: Reflections
o State and discuss what you learned from this exercise. Be specific and provide
o On a personal note, how can you apply what you learned in your work/profession/future
P ag e |2
Chapter 3 Concept Application
Assignment #1
• Essay format, answer & fully support all questions above.
• Provide section headings based on the paragraph breakdown given above (Introduction, Ethical
Practices, Conclusion, Reflections).
• Typed; double-spaced; 12 pitch font; 1″ margins; No more than 2 pages.
• All essays are to be saved as a “Word Document” (ONLY formatted accepted)
• Spell-check your essay before submitting. Make sure to include your name on the essay. DO NOT
submit essay via e-mail.
• Due Dates:
o Topic Selection: Tuesday, February 14, 2023;
o Written Analysis: Sunday, February 19, 2023
Submit via link provided.

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