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The second writing assignment requires you to write and submit a 4-6 page paper based on personal research that directly addresses the following question:
How did the Cold War develop? Focusing on the aftermath of the Second World War and the different early approaches and policies of each side, examine the implications of this era on overall foreign policy, including the ‘Third World.’
The paper should contain:
research based on at least four outside historical sources 
at least one of those should be primary and identified as such. In the world of History, a primary source means a source that was created during the time period (aka, a first hand account).  For example if you were writing about the American Revolution, the Declaration of Independence would be an ideal “primary source” to refer to because it was written during the time period.  The book 1776 by David McCullough, would be a great source of information, but since it wasn’t written until 2006, it is a “secondary source”.   Hopefully this will help everyone get started.  The Companion Reader for the course is full of primary sources, you can also easily find them online (just google: 19th Century Russia Primary Sources.

clear and concise writing 
at least four pages of text 
a bibliography showing the sources that were consulted 
a thesis statement with supporting points organized throughout the paper

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