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Review and summarize the responses from the BCBA or BCaBA professional.
Integrate the interview findings into a cohesive written composition that explains for the reader the focus, scope, and expectations in the professional’s work. Describe areas of the work that are interesting and areas that are challenging. Reflect on how the interview has impacted your perceptions of the field.

Include following in the paper:

Summarize the job requirements of the professional.
Describe the job title, setting (private practice, clinic, school, group home, et cetera), and the population with which the professional works.
Describe how this job compares with your career interests. Would you be interested in working in this setting and with this population of individuals? Why or why not?

my job title is bcba and population of individuals is if they’re looking for age range anywhere from 3 years old right now ADHD and ODD are typically the populations I work with my daily job tasks are of course conducting supervision with rbts which means we discuss Target behaviors the intervention check in with the caregivers make sure that they’re eat and check on their needs and making materials as needed I would say is definitely the day today though not day to day stuff is more like conducting IEPs doing reassessment initial assessment generating all the data into graphs. 
I decided to be a bcba because I used to work at a school for just kids with autism and it was an early intervention school so I worked as a teacher Aid and I saw speech OT and APA come in and I definitely prefer working one on one with a child I working one-on-one with a child to really make a difference versus having a whole large group class cuz that’s very difficult so I was more intrigued with the behavioral aspect over the speech and OT what do I like most about my job I would say getting a child that is a challenge and really seeing the progress.family involved is a big achievement cuz that’s definitely the toughest part is getting parents and teachers to all be on the same page and when it runs smoothly I find that very reinforcing of what I like least about my job would be the admin work all the work that comes with schedules all the paperwork for the insurance and dealing with non-compliant caregivers I think that’s definitely the toughest part is not compliance with caregivers and especially when you have a child with two households that makes it even extra harder and grandparents as well so getting everyone on the same page
one new entry in the field is to have patience it’s progress is slow but it is worth it and to learn to pick your battles with parents if you have difficult parents and caregivers I would say instead of going forward start off slow start off with one thing at a time same with rbts tracking behaviors maybe starting with five goals to take data on then start adding on to it so with this job you need a lot of patience of course with the kids but also with caregivers and Rbts
and also to not be easily offended because these kids have intense behaviors and a lot of verbal aggression so the try not to take it personal and just take a moment to calm down and be patient because the progress will happen when everything runs smoothly.

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