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Respond to the following question:
A terrorist threat has been made via phone against the water system of the city. The caller stated that he would be releasing Tularemia (a disease caused by the bacterium Francisella tularensis) into the water system in the next 4-6 hours. We are not certain of where this action may take place, but we must protect the citizens of our city. Your task is to identify what we can do to counter this biological attack. There is a very SIMPLE answer to this question, and it can even be found in the paper, (Water and Terrorism) which discusses the acts of terrorism that are capable of being carried out against our various water systems. Please answer according to the SCADA framework.

Think about it as if it just happened to you. You are the person of responsibility here. It’s. It’s your job to do something about this. You are leading. What actions are you gonna be taking first? Do you have plans in place already? Do you have an emergency response plan? If so, what does it tell you? What actions will you be taking with water systems, with informing the public, with first responders, with security, etc? If you don’t have any plans, what steps will you be taking?
You can also shortly add steps to be taken long-term. for example: “we should have a motion detection system”

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