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Spend some time looking for articles or podcasts on one of the topics discussed in the first three units (Becoming a manager, ethics/social responsibility, and entrepreneurship). This may be an article about a particular leader who is influential, a leadership style, a poor leader, leadership in your field, ethics in your field, social responsibility in your field, entrepreneurship in engineering technology, etc..  This article must be relevant to your field and/or this class (I use Harvard Business Review a lot, and many students use Forbes but there are website dedicated to your field that will be useful too).  Your article review should be written based on your opinion, the summary should be how you would summarize – please don’t rewrite the article for me but write enough that I understand what the article is about.  Less than one page (3 paragraphs) is sufficient, but a few brief sentences are not. Your article review must include: 
Summarize the article

Write your critique
Conclude the article review
Cite the article 
Proofread! Also, please post a link to your article in the discussion board so that other students can read your article

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