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Project Progression, which should include:
1. Presentation page

2. Introduction

3. Significant of the Practice project

4. Research Question

5. Objectives

6. Theoretical Framework

7. References at least 10

Hello, this is the project progression for previous work helped by you on Nursing Research: Benefits of the HPV Vaccine Preventing Cervical Cancer in Women. I have attached the previous sample.

Next step is to add a full page on Theoretical Framework (3 complete paragraphs). Using the nursing theory:
Self-Care Deficit Theory https://nurseslabs.com/dorothea-orems-self-care-th…
. Please use references no later than 5 years old.

First/second paragraph will answer: What is the theory called? Who was the theorist(small bibliography)? When did they create the theory? What does the theory say?

Second/third paragraph: How will I apply this theory in this research Causes of Breast Cancer in Woman Older than 45 Years Old

4 new research articles based on this topic have been attached to also be included in this research. Can also use external resources on this topic just do not add them to the reference page.

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