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Project overview
In this project, you are asked to do the following:
Select one of the following areas of study:
Using facial thermal imaging to estimate which parts of a lecture students find difficult
Enabling seamless reflective reading through voice interaction and eye tracking
Quantifying the complexity of a video lecture using machine learning techniques
Use PowerPoint (MS Suite Products or suitable Tool) to design (draw) your HCI Interface.  The goal of this project is to show how you would achieve thoughtful planning, sensitivity to user needs, and devotion to requirements analysis.  Please show in your design how you would incorporate quality features e.g., usability, universality, and usefulness using an AI and/or Machine Learning approach.
Write a paper discussing how you would use an AI and/or Machine Learning approach while developing the usability of an interactive system with the high-quality user experiences focusing on usability goals and measures, what lead to your usability motivations and how you achieved the overall goal of enhancing study learning outcomes for your HCI project.Lab 4
Registry Viewer
To introduce some of the Registry Viewer features.
Application location: Virtual Computing Lab
Preparation: Review user guide and lab video/slides (on Blackboard)
Evidence file: Washer.E01 file (located in \
Questions to answer:
1) Create a new directory on the Desktop named “Washer Registry Files”.
2) Using FTK Imager, export the SAM and SYSTEM registry files from the Washer
3) Open the Registry Viewer application and process the SAM file for the Washer
image and answer the following questions:
3a) How many user accounts are listed?
3b) What is Captain Hook’s RID?
3c) When was the last time Captain Hook logged on?
3d) How many times has Captain Hook logged on?
4) Generate a report with all the user accounts and name it
“_SAM_Registry_Report”. Put your last name in place of .
5) Save it in the Washer Registry Files folder.
6) Select the SYSTEM file from the Washer image and answer the following questions:
6a) Which control set is being used?
6b) What is the current time zone setting? Besides your screenshot,
explain in writing how you got your answer.
6c) Is the system set for Daylight Savings time? How do you know?
Explain your answer.
7) Generate a report with the time zone information and name it
“_System_Registry_Report”. Put your last name in place of .
8) Save the report to the Washer Registry Files folder. Close Registry Viewer. Then,
upload both reports (attach the .htm files of the reports) to Blackboard along
with the answers to this lab.

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