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Short replies giving opinion on each post. Post #1 – Access to healthcare in the US is mediated by insurance coverage, either in the form of private or employer based cover, which may be government based for public sector employees or private for private sector employees. The majority of spending on healthcare however, comes from government expenditure on health programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) (Austin, 2012). Access to health care and coverage should be a right for the American people. Since health care is a basic and fundamental necessity and not a commodity. Leaving people to suffer from a lack of medical care is harmful and unethical. There are those who do not have medical insurance at all or those who cannot afford to pay for the premiums of their insurances at all. For this reason, healthcare accessibility should be an entitlement for Americans.Post #2 – Access to healthcare should be a right for Americans, and for anyone in this world. We have worked so hard to make advancements in healthcare it seems cruel for it to only be for those are are able to pay or gain access to it. Unfortunately, our health is many times out of our control and there are countless stories you hear of people who need certain medication but because they do now have insurance or the means to get them they are unable to get them. These same individuals are usually also the ones who end up having to use the Emergency Department as a primary care physician because its the only place that cannot turn them away. This is an example of how not providing healthcare coverage for all individuals begins to break down how the system should be used. Another consequence to not providing access and coverage to everyone is that disease processes get worse and there are missed opportunities to manage them. While providing healthcare to every may not ensure everyone uses it appropriately it may actually end up saving our health system money because patients are able to address their health needs in a timely manner.

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