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The Stockton Company is a medium-sized food service corporation that is primed to expand into the global market. A new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has been hired with the task of creating a strategic plan for attracting and hiring high-performing employees for a global expansion. You are the Human Resources Director of the company. The CEO has requested your attendance at a strategy meeting to establish goals for hitting specific recruiting and hiring targets, develop an onboarding plan, and a process for evaluating employee performance. You will need to hire approximately 25 additional employees in the first six months with the potential of hiring another 50 employees in one year.
1. Prepare a plan for recruiting and hiring a diverse pool of candidates
· Where will you search for candidates? (Job boards, social media, career fairs, staffing agencies)
· What is your budget for advertising?
· How will you evaluate potential candidates? (Phone screening, zoom Interviews, In-person interviews, skills tests)
2. Develop an Onboarding process for new employees
· How will new employees be welcomed into the organization? (welcome letter, welcome reception with co-workers, survey of new employees)
3. Develop two methods for evaluating employee performance
· Performance Appraisal Instrument (360 feedback process, Supervisor evaluation)
· Knowledge skills test and a performance evaluation

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