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Part1Research contemporary differences in terms of formal norms one method of social control (i.e. laws), among the 50 states. Select a behavior that is deviant in one state (or in many states) but not in others. Analyze these state-by-state restrictions on a particular deviant act.In your post, include a description of the deviance you selected and a summary of what it looks like across the United States. Include a citation (minimally the website from which you gathered your information/ideally an in-text APA citation).Write 2 paragraph explaining why it might be deviant in some areas but not others. You may include demographic information but remain objective and value-free.Try to think outside the box and check to see what your peers post before you post to avoid duplication!Include a global dimension by including a country-by-country comparison of this same deviant act in at least 1 other countries.Part II: Select at least one of the major sociological perspectives (Conflict Theory, Structural-Functional, and/or Symbolic Interactionism). Discuss the perspective(s) and its relevancy to your response of the discussion prompt with specific examples. Word count requirement: at least 150 words. Part2Instructions: Answer the questions/statements in well-constructed paragraphs. Ensure to include specific examples to support your ideas. Find a current article about a crime that has been committed within the past three weeks. Look for language within the article that lends itself to a sociological explanation of the deviant behavior using one or more of the theories of deviance. You should not Google “crime” or “deviance” to find a current events article related to crime and deviance; rather, check reputable online news sources or an actual article about a crime or deviant behavior. There are always major deviant acts each week that make the national and local news.Write a thorough summary of the article.Using your sociological imagination, write an analysis of the article that connects the main idea/s of the article to specific key terms and theories from the learning materials.Include the link to your article.

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