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Analyze how the social determinant you selected affects one or more health outcomes during the selected lifespan stage.

Synthesize scientific evidence (i.e., peer-reviewed journal articles reporting research studies) on how the selected social determinant affects health outcomes for your selected lifespan stage.
Discuss the impact on your selected social determinant on health as evident in scientific literature.
Critique the scientific literature you selected. What are the limitations of the studies? Are there gaps in the literature or conflicting results?
You should rely on your literature table for this area of the paper.
Identify 1 primary prevention intervention that could promote health for the population you selected by targeting the social determinant of health and explain how this intervention could contribute to 1 specific HealthyPeople 2030 goal.

The intervention should be an existing, real-world intervention that has been studied in the research literature.
The intervention must be a program, policy, organizational structure, or other population-level intervention (not individual).
The intervention and corresponding HealthyPeople2030 goal must be clearly identified in your paper.
Discuss implications of the intervention for the profession of nursing and population health.

Explain why should nurses care about this intervention and the social determinant of health it addresses.
Discuss how implementing the intervention might improve population health.
Include a minimum of 5 references to peer-reviewed journal articles.

Only use professional, credible references.
Other appropriate references may be used (e.g., government website like the CDC or NIH) but do not count towards the requirement for 5 peer-reviewed journal articles.
References must be data-based articles of empirical research studies (qualitative or quantitative). Commentaries, editorials, and other review articles may be cited the background section of your paper, but they do not count towards the required 5 references.
APA format and writing quality (grammar, spelling, organization, clarity) 
TOPIC: The social determinant of health is education on nutrition in the Hispanic population.Hypertension prevention will be the health outcome I will focus on.The lifespan stage adulthood that will be the focus on my final.The primary prevention intervention would be public health education in communities of Hispanics. My healthy People 2030 goal that will be the focus of your final paper will be access to primary  care.
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