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Our course has explored of a wide variety of people and styles involved in sex, dance, entertainment and art. And there are so many other innovators/innovations we haven’t considered. Who, where or what style in these fields are are you interested in knowing more about? 
For this assignment, select a person, place or style NOT covered in this course and explain/justify your choice in terms of history, sex, dance, entertainment and/or art. Make the case for your choice to possibly be included in this course in the future.

Select and research your topic.
Explain how your topic connects to each of these areas: history, sex, dance, entertainment and/or art. Use at least one slide per above mentioned area. Use at least one video in your presentation. Creativity combined with visual impact will be part of the grade. Judicious use of images (photos, drawings, etc.) that clarify and/or illuminate is encouraged. The numbers of images used is not the point; be selective.
Compile your sources in a bibliography, using the citation style of your choice, for the end of the presentation.
Create a presentation using your choice of software powerpoint, press, google slides, or keynote

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