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This week we read about issues and problems that arise when ensuring that your research is ethical.  The chapter describes many of the important ethical considerations that need to be made when conducting research.  For example, not harming your patient, protecting the anonymity of the subjects, not deceiving the subject, etc.  It would appear that these are commonsensical issues, but as we’ve seen in the past, ethics can and has been abused historically but continues to this day.  For example, we’ve all heard of the historic tragedy of the Tuskegee Institute violationLinks to an external site..  A more recent example is the Belly of the BeasLinks to an external site. documentary that discusses illegal sterilizations of women in California prisons. 
However, for this chapters’ activity, you were asked to come up with an unethical research design of your own.  Discuss with your classmates your example of an unethical research project.  (please keep them at least pg13 rated and collegial!!) Discuss your research project’s purpose and what problem it’s trying to solve.  Argue for your unethical practice and explain why it’s necessary to conduct the research in the unethical manner you’ve chosen.

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