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Instructions:  Write a 400+ word paper about one article relevant to your inquiry question in which you do the following.
1)  At the top of your page, put your inquiry question.  (If your inquiry question is evolving, put the most recent, best version.)
2)   In your first paragraph, introduce your readers to the article’s author.  (Provide the author’s name and look up a bit of information about the author’s credentials/ occupation.)  Identify what type of article this is.  (Is it a news report, a news analysis, a scholarly article, a report or argument from a general interest magazine, a report or argument from a trade publication, a government document, something else?)
3)  In about half of your paper’s body, “Collect” and present the most important information and ideas you are getting from this article relevant to your inquiry question. 
Summarize the main claims or facts advanced by the author that are relevant to your inquiry question.  
Include specific details and selective quotes of key claims.  
Use attribution phrases to help your readers recognize where you’re reporting the author’s claims or facts, or claims and facts advanced by someone the author cites.
4)  In the other half of your paper, “Connect” to the information and claims provided by this author.  Discuss your responses to the content of the article and reflect on how the content of the article affects your thinking about your inquiry question. 
How does this source push, challenge, extend, expand or complicate your thinking about your initial question?  

What interests you, or surprises you, or confuses you, or troubles you?  Why?  
What new questions does this article raise for you?

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