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DescriptionEVR2001: Introduction to Environmental Science
Research Project
Project Outline Guidelines
Human actions have impacted the surface of our planet and how our environmental
systems function. This project will have you researching ONE (1) of the following topics to
investigate how it has affected the environment.
The purpose of this project is to investigate the topic of your choosing, but to also
practice finding reliable scientific sources, rewording information into your own words, creating
reference/works cited lists, and using in-text citations to indicate where information came
from. In scientific writing, the expectation is to reword all information. Because of this,
quotations are not allowed in the project.
You can choose ONE (1) of the following topics:
• Invasive Species
o You choose one (1) specific species
▪ Not all invasive species or a group.
• Environmental Impact of a City
o You choose one (1) specific city
• Must work alone if your final project is going to be in paper
o If your final project is going to be a video you can work with one (1) other person
▪ Must be in your section (same meeting day and time)
▪ If you submit an outline for a video as a pair, you cannot change your
project format
▪ Final project videos have a possibility of +5 bonus for exceptional quality
or creativity
• Layout
o Title Page
▪ Your Name(s)
▪ Project Title
▪ Format of Final Project
• Paper or Video
o Body
o References
▪ Start on new page after end of paper
• At least 3.0 full pages (Not including Title Page, Images, or Reference section)
o 2 ¾ pages will not meet length requirement
• Times New Roman font
• Double-spaced
• 1-inch margins

12-point font
List or Draft Format
o Draft Format
▪ Indent each paragraph
▪ No extra spacing between paragraphs
▪ Written as a research paper and not a series of short-answer questions
Quotations not allowed
o In scientific writing it is expected you rephrase all information you get from
sources and quotations are discouraged.
No heading on first page of text
Can only submit in .docx, .doc, or .pdf format
Images can be included at the end of your outline, before references, but will not be
counted toward the length requirement
Will only accept submissions to Canvas/Turnitin
o Will not accept writing projects sent to me through email or Canvas message
Must use in-text citation & have a Reference page
o Must have at least 4 non-Wikipedia sources
▪ Only information sources count
▪ Images sources do not count
o APA Format
▪ Cannot be a list of web addresses
• Background on Topic [10 points]
o Invasive Species
▪ Physical description
▪ Information about its native environment
▪ What & where is the specie’s native environment?
▪ What role does it play in its native environment?
▪ What does it eat?
▪ How does it move?
▪ Mating behavior?
o City

How big is it? (Area)
What type of environment is the city in (coastal, grassland, desert, etc.)?
How does the city get power/electricity?
How does the city get water?

▪ Where does food come from?
▪ What utilities are provided?
▪ What is the main mode of transportation?
▪ How quickly is its population growing?
▪ How are trash & recycling managed?
▪ Is there a composting program?
▪ What is their main industry? (Fishing, farms, mining, etc.)
Environmental Impact of Topic [30 points]
o Invasive Species
▪ How it was introduced
▪ What impact it has had on native species since introduction
▪ Current methods of eliminating the species from its introduced
• Any positive or negative environmental impacts associated with it
▪ Valid argument for why the species is or is not a great enough threat to
prompt immediate (and potentially costly) action
• Not an evaluation of whether you have chosen the ‘correct’ point
of view
• Evaluation of how well you defend your position
o City

How is the city impacting the environment?
• Include specific examples
▪ Current methods the city is using to improve or reduce environmental
• Describe any impacts it may have on the city itself (traffic jams,
water shortages, etc.)
▪ Valid argument for whether the city should be doing more and a
potential solution
• Not an evaluation of whether you have chosen the ‘correct’ point
of view
• Evaluation of how well you defend your position
References [25 points]
o At least 4 non-Wikipedia sources
o Formatted properly
▪ APA format
▪ Alphabetical order
▪ Hanging indent
▪ No paragraph indent
▪ No extra spaces between entries
▪ Not just a list of web addresses

In-Text Citations [25 points]
o Used for all information from sources
▪ Refer to Plagiarism page on Canvas for resources
o Formatted properly
Format [10 points]
o Follows formatting guidelines above
• Quotations
o -10 points for each quotation used containing information from a source
• Position
o Did not explicitly state whether more or less should be done to manage the
impact of species or city. [-10 points]
• Similarity Score & Plagiarism
o Below 20%
▪ No Penalty
o Between 20% and 40%
▪ -2 points for every 1% over 20% similarity score
• Example: 25% similarity score will be a penalty of -10 points
o Between 40% and 60%
▪ Counts as Level 1 penalty
o Between 60% and 80%
▪ Counts as Level 2 penalty
o Above 80%
▪ Counts as Level 3 penalty
• Length
o You will lose 10 points for every ½ page below or over the length expectation in
addition to content & format grading
▪ 2.0-page outline
• -20 points from final score
▪ 2 ¾-page outline
• -10 points from final score
Project Title
Project Type
Start text for project here.
Start your reference list here.

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