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Video: The single biggest reason startups succeed, TED, Bill Gross, (6:40 min.)
Click on the link below to watch the video. If the URL doesn’t work, open YouTube or TED.com and search for the title.
Click on the ‘closed caption’ [cc] or ‘subtitle languages’ to select subtitles.
Watch the video and write thorough and well-developed answers to the questions below:
1- List and describe the five factors that impact the success of a startup.
2-Based on his research, explain which of these factors is the most critical for success and detail the reasons.
3-Provid the companies he listed as having a good timing and detail the reasons for that. 
https://www.ted.com/talks/bill_gross_the_single_biggest_reason_why_start_ups_succeedLinks to an external site.

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