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DescriptionPrinciples of Marketing
(MKT 3013)
Written Assignment-2
This file contains copyright material. Copying, website posting, reproducing, and
distributing in any form is strictly prohibited.
Total Points: 50.
Due Date: Sunday, March 12 at 11:59 PM. Submission via Blackboard.
This assignment is to be completed individually.
Please carefully review and follow these instructions.

Page Length: 2-4pages, single-spaced (excluding cover page). Minimum 2 full
pages required.

No Research references required for this assignment.

The cover page must list the topic (e.g., Written Assignment-2) and the student’s

When using charts or figures or tables, please embed any relevant charts/figures
in the body of the paper and not in an appendix.

When adding charts or figures or tables, use figure numbers and titles. Please
make sure that the chart/figure is legible. This only applies if you include any

Use page numbers.

For this assignment, students are required to meet the content-match threshold
of 10% match or less. The plagiarism tool (SafeAssign) is already integrated in
Blackboard and it will show the match percentage after the paper is uploaded.
Sometimes the application may take a little time to process the score. If that
happens, you should log out of Blackboard and log back in a short while later.
Please avoid using direct quotes from the research sources. The write-up MUST
be in your words/your own work. Papers exceeding the 10% content-match
threshold will be assessed a penalty.

Only one submission is allowed per student.

Please answer each question separately (see answer format instructions). You
can simply list question number and then type your answer. You do not need to
restate the entire question.

Please use additional research, i.e., leverage the textbook to supplement your
knowledge of global marketing and in developing your answers. No direct
citations are needed.

Late submissions not allowed/will not be accepted.

Due date extensions and or make-ups not available, therefore, please plan
ahead and submit the work within the above-listed due date.
This activity relates to material covered in Chapter 8. Please leverage relevant
information from Week 7 module as well as the textbook to help you develop answers
to activity questions.
See Gillette Case Study file posted with the assignment.
Please review the case study posted in Written Assignment-2 tab and answer each of
the following questions. You only need to list the question number and not the entire
statement. Repeating the entire question verbatim in the paper will increase the
likelihood of obtaining a higher than 10% SafeAssign content match. Stated otherwise,
please do not write the entire question as doing so will increase the content match
percentage and will subject your paper to a penalty for exceeding the content match
threshold. A paper that exceeds the 10% threshold will be assessed a penalty at the
discretion of the instructor and can range from a minimum of 5 points to half the
assignment points which would get deducted from whatever score the student earns.
Q.1. Should Gillette continue its traditional razor and blades model for a market like
India? Explain your answer. (10 points)
Q.2. Identify and explain the differences between razor consumers in the US and India.
Why do these differences exist? (15 points)
Q.3. List and explain differences in product development processes Gillette used for
Gillette Guard versus its previous products. (10 points)
Q.4. Should Gillette release the Gillette Guard in the North American market? If so, what
modifications should be made to the 4Ps? Explain your rationale for each. (15 points)

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