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DescriptionWrite a 500-750 word essay on one of the following topics. Aim
for a 5-paragraph essay structure ( introduction with thesis, three
or more body paragraphs, and a conclusion). The word count
does not include the Works Cited page or formatting.

Write a critical analysis of one of the works

Compare and contrast how the “Modern” man is
represented in texts by two different authors

Which author this week seems most representative of the
Modern viewpoint as you understand it? Explain. Some
research on Modernism might be required here! Be sure to
identify at least 3 reasons or points to explore in the body
of your paper. You might examine 3 qualities of
Modernism and discuss how those qualities appear in the
poetry of e cummings, for example.
American Modernism (1920-1945) Chapter 2: The Lost
“What Is American in Modern American Poetry? A Primer with
Ernest Hemingway: “The Fight on the Hilltop,” “The Chauffeurs of
F. Scott Fitzgerald: “Babylon Revisited”
John Steinbeck “The Chrysanthemums

E.E. Cummings: “In Just,” “Since Feeling is First,” and “Buffalo
Bill’s Defunct”
T. S. Eliot: “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”
TS Eliot: “The Hollow Men”
Your essay should be formatted in MLA style, including double
spacing throughout. All sources should be properly cited both in
the text and on a works cited page. As with most academic
writing, this essay should be written in third person. Please avoid
both first person (I, we, our, etc.) and second person (you, your).
In the upper left-hand corner of the paper, place your name, the
professor’s name, the course name, and the due date for the
assignment on consecutive lines. Double space your information
from your name onward, and don’t forget a title. All papers should
be in Times New Roman font with 12-point type with one-inch
margins all the way around your paper. All paragraph indentations
should be indented five spaces (use the tab key) from the left
margin. All work is to be left justified. When quoting lines in
literature, please research the proper way to cite short stories,
plays, or poems.
Should you choose to use outside references, these must be
scholarly, peer-reviewed sources
Be careful that you don’t create a “cut and paste” paper of
information from your various sources. Your ideas are to be new
and freshly constructed. Also, take great care not to plagiarize.
Whatever topic you choose you will need a debatable thesis.
A thesis is not a fact, a quote, or a question. It is your position on
the topic. The reader already knows the story; you are to offer him
a new perspective based on your observations.
Since the reader is familiar with the story, summary is
unnecessary. Rather than tell him what happened, tell him what
specific portions of the story support your thesis.

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