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DescriptionPart 1.Watch the short video (10 minutes) at the following website and complete
the answers to the questions in the following document.
Natural Selection and Adaptation
Links to an external site.
Watch this movie from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute BioInteractive Website:
“The Making of the Fittest: Natural Selection and Adaptation”
Answer the following questions:
Where are the scientists exploring evolutionary processes? Explain the geologic and
Geographic environment.
What animal is used to illustrate the evolutionary process?
What is the problem introduced by geology on the animal?
How is the new color introduced in the population?
What is the goal of the lab work?
Explain how a genetic mutation occurs.
A mutation has the reputation of being a bad thing. Are all mutations bad? Explain.
Explain how a mutation led to a rapid change in the population of this animal.
9. Is evolution random? How about natural selection? Explain.
10. Explain adaptation in relation to the example in this video.
11. What proof do we have that the evolution of the animal in this video is
not just an isolated incident?
Part 2. Most rock pocket mouse populations have sandy-colored fur. This is consistent
with the light color of the desert rocks and sand on which they live. However,
dark-colored rock pocket mouse populations have been found living on black, basaltic
rock formations produced by recent geologic lava flows in the desert. What is the best
explanation for the difference in fur color?
● Construct a 2-3 paragraph essay addressing the question above.
● Include the following words or phrases in your short essay explaining how
each applies to the color variation seen in the rock pocket mouse:
1. mutation
2. survival of the fittest
3. natural selection, and
4. geology drives biology.
● Make sure to underline, bold or add color to these in your essay.
Part 3
1. Locate a science news article related to the study of paleontology. This could
be a new discovery or advances in paleontological research.
2. Here are several good science news website dedicated to paleontology
however, feel free to search on your own:
1. Science Daily – Paleontology
2. Links to an external site.
4. ScienceNews – Paleontology
5. Links to an external site.
3. The news article must have a publication date within the past 6 months.
4. Compose a short essay about your chosen news article. The essay must
include the following:
1. a summary of the news article that is a minimum of 2 paragraphs
in length (a paragraph is 3-5 sentences).
2. a diagram or picture with an explanation written by you as to its
relationship to the article.
5. Include an appropriate citation (not just the link) for the news article. See:
Library Citation Help Link
6. Links to an external site.

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