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 Title: Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association Authors: American Psychological Association Publisher: American Psychological Association (APA) Copyright: 2019-10-01 Edition: 7th APA CitationAmerican Psychological Association. (2020). Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (7th ed.). https://doi.org/10.1037/0000165-000
https://youtu.be/CL4nIGS4BMsEdapt Relearning Assignment Guidelines
Concept Map Template
Student Name:
Week/Edapt Unit: Week 1 Safety Lifespan and Professional Identity
Selected Concept:
Lifespan considerations.
From your personal or health care experience,
share a nursing or patient situation that
illustrates the selected concept.
At a young age, I noticed my body was
changing and lost about ten pounds to
gaining over twenty-five pounds rapidly,
and I decided to start taking OTC vitamins
along with herbs to counteract the changes
in my body. Without realizing the changes
in my body were due to pregnancy, I
continued consuming OTC vitamins and
herbs along with the prenatal vitamins when
lactating. When my firstborn son was about
three months old, I noticed he did not
respond to loud noises about the same time
we was hospitalized for vitamin A toxicity.
The nurse caring for me explained in details
how I must not consume OTC vitamins or
herbs. Personally thought it was safe to take
OTC vitamins and herbs with the prenatal
vitamins while pregnant and lactating which
caused my firstborn son’s bilateral deafness.
To include various emergency visits related
to ear, nose, and throat infections.
Scholarly Reading/Resources:
Atmadani, R. N., Nkoka, O., Yunita, S. L., &
Chen, Y.-H. (2020). Self-medication and
knowledge among pregnant women attending
primary healthcare services in Malang,
Indonesia: a cross-sectional study. BMC
Pregnancy and Childbirth, 20(1), 42–42.
Lilley, L. L., Collins, S. R., & Snyder, S.
(2019). Pharmacology the nursing process.
Utilizing your scholarly resources, outline the
role of the nurse in the shared scenario.
During pregnancy, mothers must
understand the differences between health
risks when self-medicating using over-thecounter (OTC) medications that can cause
fetal and mother harm (Atmadani et al.,
2020; Lilley et al., 2019). Like the
differences in consuming oral vitamins and
reporting to the health care provider that
using OTC while pregnant is a health risk of
fetal harm (2019, 2020). Also, using OTC
for self-medicating is a much greater risk of
injury than any medication harmful to the
fetus or mother (2019, 2020).
Related Concepts:
Over-the-counter drugs and herbal and
dietary supplements.
Apply previous knowledge gained in theory,
clinical, or lab and how it links to the selected
concept in the shared situation.
Lifespan considerations and OTC are
closely related to the nursing process of
ADPIE. From my understanding, during the
assessment phase, the most vital step, the
nurse must assess the patient when selfmedicating. Also, past and present history
on responses of either failure or success,
allergies, and carefully monitor the patient
with assumptions that OCT is safe without
any negative consequences that can occur.
Patient teaching is the most crucial phase in
assessing a patient’s knowledge of OTC use
when self-medicating cues a patient’s lack
of knowledge and attitude towards
overdosage, overuse, and harmful effects. In
addition, the patient will not know about the
adverse reactions or the high risk of drug
interactions by self-medicated and selfmonitored OTC use without laboratory

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