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1.  Go to the Healthy People 2030 website https://health.gov/healthypeople/objectives-and-da…and review the many topics. Select a topic area that interests you. Clicking on a topic will lead you to a page with objectives, data and resources about this topic. Why did you select this topic?
2.  Read the overview material. What information in the overview was new to you? What information was most useful in your understanding of the topic? 
3.  Consider the “Other topics you may be interested in” near the bottom (you may need to scroll down).  How do you see these topic areas as being related to the problem in your area.
4.  Review the detailed objectives to improve health in this area.  Click on the objective to see the national stats for this objective. State-level data may be available there, or you may use the MS State Department of https://msdh.ms.gov/msdhsite/_static/31.htmlLinks to an external site., CDC, or other
resources to find Mississippi stats for an objective or sub-objective.  How do Mississippi stats compare to the national stats for this objective or sub-objective?  Why do you think there is a difference?
5.  Click on the “Evidence Based Resources” tab on the left and review the material.  Which three resources would be most useful to you in addressing this problem? Why?

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