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REQUIREMENTSHTML The site should be at least 5 to 10 pages. You must have an index page. You must have at least 5 pages in your site navigation. You may use home on your navigation, so the link returns to the index page. Your links must be working correctly. Each page must have at least 4 paragraphs of content (A paragraph consists of at least 4 sentences). No lorem ipsum Each page must be titled appropriately. Points will be deducted from anything other than what the page is (Document, Untitled, Root Project).CSS You must have a CSS file called style.css. It should be in a separate folder called css to keep a consistent look throughout your website.Just explain your process and why you used the CSS rules you did. (In comments)JAVASCRIPT You must use at least 3 different components of JavaScript on this site. You may use the footer copyright script code. However, it won’t count as one of your required three. Watch the end of the February 28 Lecture as I described what I considered a JavaScript component. You must have a JS file called script.js. It should be in a separate folder called js.OR You may have multiple js files in your js folder. One for each component. If you go this route, name each file by the component name. Also, have multiple