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As a 
clinical coordinator, you manage a diverse group of employees. Identifying what motivates them will allow you to create a positive and effective workplace.

· What impact does employee motivation have on organizational behavior? Provide details.

· What do you believe has the biggest impact on employee motivation? Why?

Discussion #1 (Tan. S ) 100 words

I am a big fan of employee recognition, and it has been a success factor within the teams I have managed. One of the recognitions I implemented is identifying each staff member strengths and allowing them to take the lead on certain tasks. One example is patient engagement. Although we do have front desk staff who checks in and out patients but we also have portable kiosks where patients can self-check in. The staff member in charge of patient engagement focuses on meeting and greeting the patients with a brief tutorial on how to work the kiosks. This person also make sure patients in the waiting room are all accounted for and informs them of the duration of the visit as well as make the clinical team is notified the patient is there. This attention to the patients will not only encompass patient satisfaction but also bring up our Press Ganey scores. The success of the person in this role is recognized by the surveyed score and comments of the patients. Identifying a staff member strength, giving them a responsibility they are good at and rewarding them when job well done can boost morale. 

Discussion#2 (Dev. C) 100 words

I think employee motivation has a huge impact on organizational behavior, when employees are motivated to do a good job or when they feel like they can make a difference and feel appreciated they tend to have better attitudes and keep a more positive outlook. I believe what makes the biggest impact when it comes to motivation in the workplace is recognition and rewards, for example telling your staff they are doing a great job and actually giving them some kind of incentive like a bonus or a raised can motivate employees to continue to do great work and feel appreciated. I hear complaints all the time from co works about how they feel like they are just a number and their work goes unnoticed, or they are told they’re doing a great job but they are never rewarded for it or promoted for so they lack motivation to continue to do great work and eventually they look elsewhere for work. Praising your employees on their hard work can go a long way with motivation.

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