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 If you were to see either visual, which would convince you more regarding the argument? Why?  

For todays topic I selected two visuals to support and oppose increased education spending in the U.S.  

Supporting Visual


(Parker, 2010)

How does this visual support the argument and claims? 

The visual supports the argument and claims, because it provides a  visual for the lack of funds available to public schools. From one  perspective, it highlights how a small piece of public funds is allotted  for education. The pie does not state whether its state or federal  funding. Therefor, it could be assumed that this political cartoon could  be used in support for an increase in spending from both governments.  From another perspective the visual could be used to emphasize how  schools are expected to rely on proceeds from bake sales to cover any  underfunded school expenses.


Who is the targeted audience? Think about where this visual was first published to consider who the audience is.

What would this visual mean to this particular audience? 

The visual was intended for readers of Florida Today, but was posted  to the Horace Mann League of the USA website. This organization was  founded in 1922 to support public education. Hence, it could be assumed  that readers of this website would think this cartoon supports their  views that schools need more money.


Is there any background information that can help you understand  the visual and the circumstances in which the visual is communicating? 

Failing public education standards has been a continuous topic for  the state of Florida; so it’s understandable why a political cartoon  made in 2010 would be still applicable 13 years later. I think it’s  important to consider that Florida is ranked 41 in public education, 42  in student success, 32 in student safety and school quality out of all  50 states (schoolaroo, 2023).


What is the main goal of the visual? 

What is the visual trying to communicate to the audience and why? 

The visual is meant to convince readers to be concerned about public  education spending. It does a good job of showcasing how educators are  tasked with stretching already slim funds to various educational needs  across learning institutions.

enre and Medium:

Both the genre and medium are created. The genre refers to the  category of a visual. The medium refers to how it was distributed.

What is the genre of the visual? 

What is the medium of the visual? 

The genre is a political cartoon. The medium was electronic.


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