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Energy Releasing Pathways

This discussion has two parts. Be sure to address both parts.

Part 1: Below are a few questions that will help you think about how our bodies convert energy rich foods to molecules like ATP that can be used to power our bodies. Take a question or two and expand on it. If you have questions, post them.

Why is cellular respiration considered to be an energy-releasing metabolic pathway? What are the key differences between aerobic and anaerobic respiration?

What are the main reactants and products of aerobic respiration?

What are the three stages of aerobic respiration. Where in a cell does each stage occur?

How does the cell utilize ATP generated by respiration?

Part 2: Photosynthesis

Photosynthesis is an interesting process, a little complex, but once it makes sense it is great.

There are two major components that I would like you to focus on. One is the capture of energy in chloroplasts, on the thylakoid membrane. That energy is derived from the sun. The sun is captured in the photosystems that are housed in the thylakoid membrane. These are the light dependent reactions. 

Some of you, in this discussion, please describe the light dependent reactions. What is happening in these reactions? What are the products? What are the reactants?

Then, there is a second set of reactions, the light-independent reactions. The light independent reactions use energy made in the light dependent reactions and make an important product.

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