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Respond to two colleagues who identified a different relaxation activity than you:

  • Identify one obstacle that may make it difficult for you to incorporate your colleague’s suggested self-care activity into your self-care activities, and explain how you plan to overcome this challenge.

Sight: Watching a couple of episodes of “Bones” is the most relaxing because it was something I used to watch with my mom a lot growing up so it is kind of like a good familiar feeling to watch it. 

Hear: I love listening to my baby laugh. He is only two so if I can tickle him or chase him around to get him to laugh I will. 

Taste: Homemade cookies, I have been trying to perfect my Chocolate chip cookie recipe for awhile and just recently I feel like I did so I love making them when I have some spare time. 

Touch: The feeling of my bed! I have eucalyptus-infused sheets that are silky smooth and always help me feel relaxed. 

Smell: I love my bath bomb scents, usually lemon and eucalyptus or lavender, and I also love the smell of the air when it is about to rain. I was born In Cali and remember that smell so distinctly; it makes me very happy. 

I am going to watch Bones while I take a bath on Friday night. It will have to be after 7:30pm which is when I usually lay my son down and my husband will be off that night so that will take off any added fear of him waking up I might have. 

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