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 Throughout this course you will be creating a literature unit based on one piece of 3 grade-appropriate literature (fiction or non-fiction) that includes all areas of reading development. 

For this assignment, use the Lesson Plan Template to create a lesson plan that incorporates a book walk,

Incorporate the following into your lesson plan:

  • Objectives aligned to state or national grade-appropriate vocabulary and reading standards
  • Content-specific vocabulary development
  • Technology or multimedia that supports developmentally appropriate, engaging instruction
  • Pre-reading strategies and activities
  • During reading strategies and activities
  • Post-reading activities and strategies
  • Assessment aligned to learning objectives, that is engaging for student and provides meaningful feedback
  • Differentiation to meet particular learning differences or needs

Grade Level:



Instructional Plan Title:

Lesson Summary and Focus:

In 2-3 sentences, summarize the lesson, identifying the central focus based on the content and skills you are teaching.

Classroom and Student Factors/Grouping:

Describe the important classroom factors (demographics and environment) and student factors (IEPs, 504s, ELLs, students with behavior concerns, gifted learners), and the effect of those factors on planning, teaching, and assessing students to facilitate learning for all students. This should be limited to 2-3 sentences and the information should inform the differentiation components of the lesson.

Academic Language

In this section, include a bulleted list of the general academic vocabulary and content-specific vocabulary you need to teach. In a few sentences, describe how you will teach students those terms in the lesson.

Resources, Materials, Equipment, and Technology:

List all resources, materials, equipment, and technology you
and the students will use during the lesson. As required by your instructor, add or attach copies of ALL printed and online materials at the end of this template. Include links needed for online resources.

Section 2: Instructional Planning

Anticipatory Set

Your goal in this section is to open the lesson by activating students’ prior knowledge, linking previous learning with what they will be learning in this lesson and gaining student interest for the lesson. Consider various learning preferences (movement, music, visuals) as a tool to engage interest and motivate learners for the lesson.

In a bulleted list, describe the materials and activities you will use to open the lesson.
Bold any materials you will need to prepare for the lesson.

For example:

I will use a
visual of the planet Earth and ask students to describe what Earth looks like.


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