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Assignment Guidelines

You have been tasked by the local police academy to host a discussion of the use of force continuum or matrix. The new cadets are eager to learn when and under what conditions they may apply force in a given situation. You know that this is an area that can cause problems. If they overuse force, they are abusing citizens. If they underuse force, they are placing citizens, their partners, and their own lives in danger. You must articulate the fine line of decision making in this discussion.

  • Address the following: 
    • In law enforcement, what are the levels of force? Explain in your own words. 
    • When can these levels of force be employed? Explain. 
    • How do you feel force should be applied through law enforcement officers? Explain in detail. Provide examples when necessary. 
    • How and when do you think an officer should utilize deadly force? Explain. 
      • Describe 2 different types of situations in which it would be justified. 
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