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Below is a file with the instructions

Read the information on the following websites and respond to these questions:

Resource List

Fun Things you can do with MS Excel


101 Excel Macro Examples


Games created with MS Excel


Each question should be answered in about
60-75 words.

1️⃣ Choose something that interests you like a hobby, pastime, or personal business.  Paste the link to the website (one of the three sources above) you used and summarize the topic you picked.

2️⃣ Why did you choose this topic or game? For example, does this look like something you might like to make use of yourself (e.g. build a game)? Does your choice relate to a hobby or personal interest that you have?

3️⃣ Are you planning to use MS Excel after this class (such as in your career, and/or in your personal life)? If so, provide one example of how.   If you don’t think you’ll be using Excel at all, explain that too.  For example, “No, I won’t be using it because I am pursuing a career as a pilot and I don’t think it will be required in my line of work…I don’t see where I’ll have a use for it in my personal life, either.” , or “I will be using other tools than a spreadsheet, I have a database tool and prefer to use that..” 

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