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Brand ID Brand mSysRowId
B001 Topps 92U1v+CRIMT2qrSeI1YOwwlYeNGNhX6vXzKdpC3HGQE=-~OBP4dobrUwbXHzD7XheR4Q==
B002 Other 92U1v+CRIMT2qrSeI1YOwwlYeNGNhX6vXzKdpC3HGQE=-~OBP4dobrUwbXHzD7XheR4Q==
B003 Fleer 92U1v+CRIMT2qrSeI1YOwwlYeNGNhX6vXzKdpC3HGQE=-~OBP4dobrUwbXHzD7XheR4Q==
B004 Donruss 92U1v+CRIMT2qrSeI1YOwwlYeNGNhX6vXzKdpC3HGQE=-~OBP4dobrUwbXHzD7XheR4Q==
B005 Bowman 92U1v+CRIMT2qrSeI1YOwwlYeNGNhX6vXzKdpC3HGQE=-~OBP4dobrUwbXHzD7XheR4Q==

Grader – Instructions Access 2019 Project

Exp19_Access_Ch09_Cap – Trading Cards 1.0

Project Description:

You and your partner Stann Dupp have a small business selling baseball cards online through eBay. As the more computer-savvy partner; you created an Access database with records of the cards you have in stock. As it turns out, Stann was attempting to manage the card inventory and ended up modifying crucial aspects of the database that impact the general operation of the database. You will reverse those changes and create other safeguards to protect from this happening again in the future. The database tables may already be normalized; however, you will examine the tables to verify.

Steps to Perform:

CardNo Year Brand ID PlayerName Team NumInStock Rarity ID
C001 1993 B001 Jerald Clark SDP 3 3
C002 1993 B002 David Justice ATL 3 2
C003 1993 B002 Kent Hrbek MIN 1 2
C004 1992 B001 Chad Curtis CAL 1 1
C005 1992 B001 Henry Cotto SEA 1 2
C006 1992 B003 Mark Lemke ATL 1 3
C007 1992 B004 Mike Sharperson LAD 1 3
C008 1993 B002 Joe Orsulak BAL 1 3
C009 1992 B005 Luis Gonzalez HOU 1 1
C010 1992 B005 Casey Candaele HOU 2 1
C011 1993 B001 Kelly Gruber TOR 1 1
C012 1993 B004 Ozzie Smith STL 3 3
C013 1992 B005 Dante Bichette MIL 3 2
C014 1992 B005 John Vander Wal MON 3 1
C015 1992 B003 Herm Winningham BOS 2 1
C016 1992 B003 Mark McGwire OAK 3 1
C017 1993 B001 Dave Martinez CIN 1 1
C018 1992 B003 Gary Varsho PIT 2 3
C019 1993 B003 Kevin Seitzer MIL 3 3



Points Possible


Start Access. Open the downloaded Access database named
Exp19_Access_Ch09_Cap_Trading_Cards.accdb. Grader has automatically added your last name to the beginning of the filename. Save the file to the location where you are storing your files.



You will first establish relationships between the Cards, Brands, and Rarity tables based on the common fields that they share.

Open the Relationships window. Add the
Brands, and
Rarity tables to the layout.



After creating a relationship between two tables, you will enforce referential integrity, which ensures that the relationship will remain intact if/when data is updated in either table. Furthermore, you will ensure that all changes to the primary key in your Cards table will be reflected in the foreign keys that exist in the Rarity table by selecting the Cascade Update Related Fields option.

Create a relationship between the
Cards and
Rarity tables tables, ensuring you check the
Enforce Referential Integrity and
Cascade Update Related Fields options for the relationship.



After also establishing the relationship between the Cards and Brands tables, in the same manner, you will analyze the database to identify any flaws in the design as well as suggested low-risk improvements that can be made to your database.

Create a relationship between the

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