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Calculate Statistical Measures Using Excel

Use Excel to produce graphs and calculate some statistical measures.


. . . problems create value; the more problems you can solve, the more valuable you will be, the more money you will make, the more responsibility you will have.

– Brian Klemmer, author and speaker

If you’ve ever played fantasy football, you know the importance of using player statistics or 
stats like sacks and fumbles to plan your perfect team. But statistics play an important role in mathematics as well. Statistics is the process of taking large amounts of numerical data (such as from a football player’s track record), analyzing that data, and using it to solve problems (such as which player you should play and when). And it isn’t just for the football fan. In almost every field, from biology or business to psychology or math, understanding statistics helps professionals solve problems and make decisions.

Learning to add strategies to your problem-solving techniques will help you multiply your success at school, work, and home. In the workplace, problem-solving strategies can help you interact with customers, peers, and clients, meet deadlines, and even reach leadership or management positions. And in your personal life, they can help you alleviate stress, overcome relationship challenges, and achieve your goals.


In this assessment, you will use data on car prices to create charts in Excel and calculate statistical measures from the data. The data is provided in 

Auto Data [XLSX]
. It contains information on 82 used cars that are for sale, specifically, the asking price, the model year, the mileage, the color, and the trim.


Follow these steps to prepare for this assessment:


Auto Data [XLSX]

For information on how to create a bar chart, pie chart, and scatterplot charts, you can review pages 264–267 of the textbook.

For information on how to calculate the mean, median, standard deviation, and proportion, you can review pages 271–290 of the textbook.

Below are some resources to assist with writing your summary:

You may wish to review Capella’s 

Writing Process
 page for an overview of the writing process. Following each of these stages will help you write a strong, clear, and organized presentation.

You may see the 


Asking Price Year Miles Color Trim
$16,518 2015 22955 Silver Luxury
$24,789 2017 20179 Black Performance
$8,998 2011 86489 Gray Luxury
$11,599 2014 68879 Orange Luxury
$12,999 2014 86080 Red Luxury
$17,941 2018 36821 Gold Luxury
$10,499 2013 82939 Black Luxury
$8,790 2011 105984 Burgundy Luxury
$13,050 2015 89249 White Luxury
$16,595 2015 77652 Gray Luxury
$13,194 2017 12202 Red Luxury
$16,200 2015 21627 Gray Luxury
$12,998 2013 100894 Silver Performance
$11,301 2013 90116 White Luxury
$17,941 2018 36821 Gold Luxury
$16,100 2016 44474 Black Luxury
$17,500 2018 21961 Gold Luxury
$20,760 2019 29899 Silver Luxury
$21,279 2015 37966 Black Performance
$16,195 2016 73877 Black Luxury
$23,187 2016 27800 Black Performance
$15,490 2017 47310 Gray Luxury
$11,448 2015 76988 White Luxury
$12,978 2017 60071 Black Luxury
$9,337 2013 92721 Silver Luxury
$18,300 2018 37425 Red Luxury
$17,698 2018 36595 Silver Luxury
$14,988 2014 74000 Black Luxury
$18,269 2018 44631 Silver Luxury
$16,518 2015 22955 Silver Luxury
$17,991 2017 36878 Blue Luxury
$17,337 2018 40519 Black Luxury

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