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Compose a planning/brainstorming roadmap for your technology plan. Each required element in the plan must be addressed in this roadmap, even if it is rudimentary and much development is needed. Refer to Module 8 where you will find the

technology plan outline
and the

to prepare your roadmap. Your submission could include a draft narrative, bullet points of what you have learned to date or tasks/questions to address, or a combination of the two. This activity’s primary requirement is that you demonstrate at least minimal planning for your technology plan at this point in the course.

Technology Plan Outline

ETEC 5780

Adapted from SEIR*TEC’s sample outline on p. 32.

I. Executive summary

A. Vision statement

B. Goals

See Modules 1 and 2 readings and videos.

II. Impact of technology on the workplace

See Activities 2 and 3.

III. Current status of technology use and availability

See Activity 5.

IV. Planning focus areas

A. Integration of technology in the organization

1. Overview of integration strategies (aligned to ISTE Standards and I.B goals)

2. Objectives/Sample activities

See Activity 5.

B. Professional development

1. Overview of professional development strategies (aligned to ISTE Standards and I.B goals)

2. Objectives/Sample activities

See Activity 6.

C. Community engagement

1. Overview of community engagement strategies (aligned to ISTE Standards and I.B goals)

2. Objectives/Sample activities

See Activity 10.

V. Infrastructure

A. Hardware and software

1. Networking

2. Facilities

3. Network security

4. Data management and security

5. Support

See Activity 5.

VI. Equitable access

A. Acceptable Use Policy (copy)

Schools and/or districts have standardized Acceptable Use Policies; simply insert a copy (or URL) of that policy. Non-education organizations may or may not have something titled Acceptable Use Policy but likely have at least one policy about employee usage of equipment and services like Internet access. Find the comparable policy for your organization and include it. If one is not available, note that here where the policy would be placed.

B. Provisions for organization-wide technology access

Describe what technology is available to organization members (employees, guests, customers, students, etc.). Examples might be computer labs, equipment available for checkout, public-access WiFi, etc. See Activity 6.

VII. Personnel roles and responsibilities

Describe broadly the individuals by title and/or role—not by name—who will be associated with the preparation and implementation of the technology plan and what roles they will fulfill in those activities.

VIII. Budget and funding

The resources you request in your grant proposal should be included in the technology plan. Include the proposed budget and funding information from your grant proposal. Add any additional information that is necessary to describe how you expect to cover any costs that the technology plan preparat

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