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POST 1 Stephanie M.:

Being that our country is a democracy means we are ruled by a majority of the citizens. We need to make sure our politicians are experts and are good at their position. Now, if we lack that knowledge, we are not able to hold our politicians accountable for their actions. It is true that your level of education does impact your political knowledge, but that doesn’t guarantee you’ll be more politically involved than before.  It also comes down to the fact that not everything you see or read online is true. Having incorrect information could negatively affect you. It’s important to always seek out both ends of the argument, and this process in my opinion is the one that gets missed. I believe the real culprit is ignorance of the right information. It seems that democracy is running based on biased ways, and if you are a fan of that politician. Or they choose to ignore any contradicting information simply because they don’t want to be wrong  I believe democracy has survived thus far because there are still people out there holding our government accountable, but if we continue to lose Americans due to a lack of accurate political knowledge, we could potentially limit the government. 


September 17, the day of signing the final version of the U.S. Constitution, but many people don’t know this. Congress created Constitution Day back in 2004 and it doesn’t seem to be a big deal to many in this country. Knowing about the Government normally starts in school, but why is it that many Americans know so little about politics? I did some research on the topic and read an article by Wuttke, Alexander in Political Psychology, and his article mentions that the seeds of political engagement are planted early in someone’s life. Telling a child that they must vote when they turn the appropriate age isn’t the only thing they should know when it comes to politics. Children should also know that politics governs what we do in our lives and that they are never too young to learn.

Many parents aren’t having political conversations with their children because it seems to be difficult. Nearly 7 in 10 American parents agree that it is hard to talk about politics with their children which is mentioned in The New York Post. Another possibility is that many voters are ideologically moderate, and don’t care much for either political party. If politicians increase citizens interest more people would be involved in today’s politics. When the American people feel connected to their politicians and the laws that is passed it easier for the people to show their support.

Democracy can and will be sustained with few people in the political system, but if there isn’t many people going out to vote, the votes will only be representing a small portion of the population. Even though voting is not the only thing that helps democracy thrive, it’s needed for it to continue. Wh

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