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Effective Teaching Strategies

2. Imagine you are teaching a class consisting of 12 boys and 13 girls. Of the 25 students in your classroom, 5 have ADHD-inattentive Subtype (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder-Inattentive Subtype), 4 have IEPs (Individualized Education Plans) where they receive modifications for assignments due to one student having a hearing issue, one student having a severe vision issue, one student who is unable to walk on his own, and one student who cannot read, and you typically have about 5-7 students who need some type of differentiation for instruction. Describe at least THREE instructional strategies you could use to teach such a diverse class of students. Make sure you focus these THREE instructional strategies on the specific needs of this class (ADHD-Inattentive Subtype, students with the specific disabilities listed above/IEPs, need for differentiation). In other words, what THREE instructional strategies could you use to hold students’ attention that have ADHD, meet the needs of students who have the special instructional needs listed above with IEPs, and meet the needs of students who require a different way to learn what you are teaching?

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