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The final policy paper is cumulative and covers Chapters 1 – 16 of McLaughlin and McLaughlin (2014) textbook. To complete the final assignment you are required to use at least eight peer-reviewed sources with at least two from the University of Arizona Global Campus Library. Be sure to read 

United States National Healthcare Policies 2015: An Analysis with Implications for the Future of MedicineLinks to an external site.

· Choose four policy analysis processes and apply each one to a policy case (you may use a previous week’s case) or choose from the list below:


Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement

Download Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement


Policy response to the problem of suicide in AustraliaLinks to an external site.


The political economy of austerity and healthcare: Cross-national analysis of expenditure changes in 27 European nations 1995–2011Links to an external site.


Proposition 63: Should Other States Follow California’s Lead?Links to an external site.

· Provide details on the other policy processes that were not utilized in your research. How could they be applied? Why would they be applicable?

· All applicable information from previous weeks must be included.

· A conclusion MUST be included at the end of the paper summarizing the key aspects of health policy

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