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In order to produce product or implementation designs that are informed by research, some legwork will be needed to discover what’s already known about some of the problems your proposed product presents.

Using the problem statement from the product pitch’s design brief submitted for the Design Project Proposal assignment as a starting point, you’ll need to generate
two questions that you will seek information on to produce a technological innovation that is more likely to be successful in the context that it is meant to operate in.

While information on how to build the tool from a technological standpoint (programming strategies, developing new network architectures, etc.) may be useful to know if you were to build a working prototype, remember that

this course is focused on how the social sciences might produce approaches to developing technology that is more useful for people and organizations to use
. Maintaining this focus for this project is key.

If you need help brainstorming what kinds of social sciences research might be appropriate to work on, you might begin by considering the contexts that your product is meant to function in. For example, if it’s a tool meant for educational settings, what are some of the possible users (Is the tool meant for students? faculty? administrators? parents?) and what do we already know about these groups’ uses, either successful or not, of technology? Trying some keyword searches in the ACM Digital Library (available from the RU Libraries site) is another way to see if any other research group out there is already interested in your particular questions. Also, don’t be shy about setting up some time with me to brainstorm for possible ideas.

Once you have your starting questions, to create an effective argument concerning your product for the presentation you will need to support your points with clear, specific, and relevant evidence. To get you started, I am asking you to compose an annotated bibliography based on your team’s questions.

This bibliography should include
at least 10 resources of which at least 5 should be scholarly or peer-reviewed and at least two of the peer reviewed articles needs to be a report of findings from a research study concerning human use of a technology.

If you’re unsure about how to tell if the peer reviewed article you’ve found is a research study, here are a couple of explanations:


East Carolina Libraries


University of Northern Colorado Libraries

Your bibliography shoul

Design Brief Template for Social Informatics

Spring 2022

Name: Weihao Li

Replace the text in the
right column with your answers.

Problem Statement

The electronic Health Records application is revolutionary and benefits both medical workers and patients. It is effective for medical workers to access the necessary information to provide accurate treatment plans for patients. Hence, data collection is crucial to the use of EHR. Patients need to upload their personal information into the system to help the medical providers in decision-making. According to Cimino and Shortliffe (2006)’s Biomedical Informatics, “a hospital-based healthcare system will not automatically learn about pediatric immunizations done in private pediatric offices, or public health clinics, around town. So, special procedures and extra work are required to collect all relevant patient data” (Cimino & Shortliffe, 2006, p.405). It shows the lack of information transformation for the EHR database. It is difficult and important for both patients and medical workers to have up-to-date information for decision-making. Therefore, it is significant to create a platform that could be able to gather patients’ information immediately to help medical workers and physicians efficiently and effectively.

Description of the technology

Mobile health seems to provide all medical workers and informatics specialists a solution to create a path for people directly engaging with the EHR database. In this generation, people’s life is dependent on mobile phones. It provides medical and informatics specialists opportunities to communicate with clients through smartphones. There are two different types of apps, according to Mueller (2020)’s book—Developing Medical Apps and MHealth Interventions could associate with EHR. “Apps to assist decision-making, e.g., an app to help healthcare professionals decide whether to prescribe antibiotics and Apps to help people with long-term health problems to self-manage their condition” (Muller, 2020, p.1). Both types of apps could bond with EHR databases for the convenience of both parties

Moreover, Mobile health apps could create a visualized platform for patients to understand their body condition easily and effectively. The use of visualization would certainly be necessary to encounter patients’ needs. According to Muller, “Visualizations can also be used to communicate information to different audiences. This can be for tasks such as education, evaluation/monitoring, summarizing of information, and for decision-making purposes” (p.192). Rather than a sophisticated medical chart that is written by medical specialists and physicians, people would prefer more understandable informative communication through visualization.


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