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Instructions below in file.

First read more about them and their context 
Links to an external site.
 There is map at the bottom to help your geography. Then  click the link about the letter and answer the questions..

Link to the letter:
A request for silver · HIST 1039 (harvard.edu)

Remember you must answer the below questions according to the letter above “A request for silver”


Answer the following questions. Each question should be about a paragraph in length.

1. How do the readings and class lecture characterize this region (Mesopotamian, Levant, Anatolia and Egypt see map) in 1300s century BCE? (What is this regions like at this time)

2. Summarized the document? What is it about and who is involved (feel free to use google or the map below to ID where the people and places involved are)

3. What does this document tell us about the relationship between the two correspondents? Who has more power? Are they hostile or friendly?

4. Find one other thing that this tells us about these societies? It might be about the economy or the role of women, military conflict, or anything else.

VERY IMPORTANT: Using google to answer questions is forbidden, only google to see map in case the map below is not good enough. No citing needed since you will ONLY use the letter to answer the questions.



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