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Page iInternational Management
Culture, Strategy, and

Eleventh Edition

Fred Luthans
University of Nebraska–

Jonathan P. Doh
Villanova University

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Dedicated in Memory of
Rafael Lucea,

A Passionate Advocate for Global Business Education
and Experience


Page vPreface

he global business environment in recent years has been characterized by
substantial and often unforeseen change. By some accounts, the degree

of uncertainty and volatility in global political and economic affairs has
increased as several long-term trends have come to a halt or, in some cases,
reversed. Political conflicts, economic disruptions, and realignment of
security arrangements have all created challenges for global business.
Around the world, support for global economic integration and engagement
appears to be on the decline. The vote by the United Kingdom to separate
from the European Union and the withdrawal of the United States from the
Trans-Pacific Partnership, a proposed trade agreement among 12 Pacific-
facing nations, are two stark examples of this broad trend. Some see the
United States as retreating from its long-held position as the leading
advocate o

Advertising or Free Speech? The Case of Nike and Human Rights (12 points)

For this week’s discussion read the brief case study about Nike (p.101 in the textbook).  You need to respond to each of these 3 questions. Please use a heading for each question.

1. Thinking about Nike’s corporate practices,
discuss your approach to starting a company that outsourced labor in order to reduce manufacturing costs.

What decisions would you make to combine commercial objectives with social goals?

How would you improve the impact of corporate social responsibility efforts?
Provide specific company examples to support your response.

A case study is a puzzle to be solved and here is a strategy for formulating your initial post:

· Read the case study to identify the key issues and underlying issues. These issues are the principles and concepts of the course module, which apply to the situation described in the case study.

· Study the facts and focus on relevant information; the case may have extraneous information not relevant to the current module.

· Describe actions that would address or correct the situation and who should act upon what.

· Draw from experience, course readings or real-life experience.

Discuss the concepts, principles, and theories from your textbook. Cite your textbooks and cite any other sources if appropriate.

· Your post should address all components of the question with a

word limit.( without including references )

· Please use a heading for each question.

· Use 4 references pulse the textbook

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