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Part I:

Please take this short EQ Quiz: 


What are your results?  Do you agree with them?  Why or why not?

How is Emotional Intelligence connected to Leadership?

Please provide an example of Emotional Intelligence/Leadership in the workplace.

Part 2:

Personality Type and Leadership:

You will receive an email during the first week of class that will have the link to the MBTI. Please take the self-assessment personality quiz.  Once you receive your results you can look up your personality types on the QEP website.  (FYI:  Your results can take up to one week to receive so please do not wait until the last minute to take this test.)

· Identify your learning style.

· Analyze your learning style as well as your MBTI type.

· Do you think the assessment is correct?

· Why is personality type important in the workplace?

· As a leader, what skills are needed to manage various personality types in the workplace?

· How does your personality type affect your leadership and communication skills? 

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