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  1. Plan 2 days of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube for one of these two enterprises (NJ Titans or Dollar Rental Car) using this Social Media Planning Calendar Download using this Social Media Planning Calendar.
  2. Those 2 days are November 14, 15 (2022).
  3. You don’t need a link, but complete other cells in spreadsheet.
  4. Also, produce one Facebook, Instagram or Twitter post with a visual.


Week Platform Time Content Type Topic Copy Link Notes
Week 1 WEEK 1: SATURDAY, FEB. 29
FACEBOOK 11:00AM New Post Breakfast is Served Delroy Diner opens every day at 6AM for breakfast. #breakfastatdelroydiner https://www.menuwithprice.com/menu/delroys-cafe/
YouTube 6:00 AM Video New Menu Items We’re adding some new items to the menu including grilled catfish and some new garlic chicken specials. Come on by to try. #DelroyDiner. Short video (:25) of new breakfast items
TWITTER 5:45 AM New Post Wednesday Lunch Hey, we’ve got great lunch specials today. #DelroyDiner https://www.yelp.com/biz/dellroy-drive-in-restaurant-dellroy
INSTAGRAM 7:30 AM Post with Image Cookies for Free with dinner after 8PM Now serving free cookies with every dinner after 8PM Image of cookies to be included with post.
FACEBOOK 6:00 AM New Blog Post
9:30 AM Curated Content
11:45 AM Video
1:30 PM Promotion
4:15 PM Live Video
LINKEDIN 7:00 AM New Blog Post
10:00 AM Curated Content
12:00 PM Video
3:00 PM Promotion
5:00 PM Education
TWITTER 7:30 AM New Blog Post
9:45 AM Curated Content
12:30 PM Video
2:15 PM Promotion
5:45 PM Evergreen Blog Post
INSTAGRAM 5:45 AM Original Image
7:15 AM Curated Image
10:30 AM Video
1:00 PM Boomerang
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