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COURSE CODE BAT 313 COURSE NAME: HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT Midterm Assessment Task brief & rubrics


· This is an individual task.

· The task focuses on areas studied to date, requiring you to show knowledge and application in the parts stated.

· You should upload a single, correctly formatted document which may also include any relevant tables and diagrams

Choose an Hospitality Company (Hotel, Restaurant, Amusement Park, etc.)

1. Make a short description about the Company (10 points)

2. Assess how do they manage the challenges generated by the

service business characteristics (perishability, etc…) (20 points)

3. Identify the Value Proposition of the Company. (10 points)

4. How could they implement some of the basic

principles? (30 points)

5. Who are the main

of the Company (build an interest/power matrix)? (30 points)


· Wordcount: 2.000 words

· Cover, Table of Contents, References and Appendix are excluded from the total wordcount.

· Font: Arial 12,5 pts.

· Text alignment: Justified.

· Harvard style in-text citations and bibliography

It assesses the following learning outcomes:

1. Describe the core components that characterize hospitality management.

2. Critically examine the service nature of hospitality and quality management.

Weight: This task is a 40 % of your total grade for this subject.


Learning Descriptors

Fail Below 60%

Marginal Fail 60-69%

Fair 70-79 %

Good 80-89%

Exceptional 90-100%

Purpose & Understanding



Very poor coverage of central purpose, goals, research questions or arguments with little relevant information evident. Virtually no evidence of understanding or focus.

Minimal understanding of purpose of the study; factual errors evident. Gaps in knowledge and superficial understanding. A few lines of relevant material.

Reasonable understanding and clearly identifies the purpose, goals, research questions or argument.

Reflect partial achievement of learning outcomes.

A sound grasp of, and clearly identifies, the purpose, goals, research questions or argument. Some wider study beyond the classroom content shown.

Effectively describes and explains the central purpose, arguments, res

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