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In this class, you will complete a Research Study Proposal. In this proposal, you will investigate a social-psychological issue. To practice what you have learned throughout this course, you will specifically by designing a hypothetical research study proposal.

The Research Study Proposal will be divided into two assignments: Research Study Proposal Part I and l Research Study Proposal Part II.

The topic of your research study should be on a social-psychological issue. Social Psychology focuses on the impact of social environments on individuals or groups.

Two examples of social psychology-focused studies are:

· A study that researches the impact of public awareness ad campaigns on public attitudes toward the severely mentally ill.

· A study comparing types of school administrator responses to reports of bullying and victims’ willingness to report instances of bullying to their parents.

The Research Study Proposal Part I
must include the four components below. You will use these components as subheadings for four sections in your paper

1. Proposed Topic: Describe the study’s topic and focus

2. Hypothesis (can be in a form of a question or stating the Ho and Ha)

3. Participants. Describe participant demographics (race, gender, age, religion, SES, area of the country in which they live, etc.), the process for selecting/recruiting them, and the rationale for selecting them

4. Sampling Method: Discuss the proposed sampling method and the rationale for selecting it

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