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CJ 520 Milestone Three Guidelines and Rubric

Overview: For this assignment, due in Module Seven, you will submit the 2–3-page public needs and policy recommendations sections of your final project. This
milestone is really about drilling down more deeply into the “drivers” behind your recommendations to the selected departmental policy. As you write these
sections, you will identify what public needs are targeted by this policy and how well the policy addresses these needs. You will also need to examine how this
policy can be changed or improved upon to continue to address the identified need and how these changes can be accomplished while at the same time
improving upon the delivery of necessary criminal justice services.

Using the historical analysis of your selected public policy issue that you conducted in Milestone Two—as well as the research regarding the criminological theory
that best explains the development of the public policies related to it—ensure that you support your recommendations in this milestone with the relevant
criminological theory that you identified and describe how the theory or theories justify the appropriateness of the recommendations for the departmental
policy. Incorporate feedback from your previous two milestones into this final milestone, and incorporate feedback from this milestone into your final policy
recommendation report due in Module Nine.

Prompt: Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

I. Needs: Now that you have analyzed the relevant state or federal policies and selected a related criminological theory, you will focus your analysis on your
selected departmental policy. In relation to the departmental policy, you will identify the needs of the public and the relevant branch of the criminal
justice system, and assess the extent to which the policy currently addresses these needs. Specifically:

a) Identify specific needs of the public and the relevant branch of the criminal justice system at the center of the departmental policy, justifying
your identifications.

b) To what extent does the departmental policy address these specific needs?

II. Policy Recommendations: In this section, you will provide specific recommendations to the existing departmental public policy to improve the delivery of
criminal justice services, justifying your recommendations, and examining the impact of the recommendations on the public and specific branch of the
criminal justice system. Be sure to:

a) Outline the specific aspects of the departmental policy you are targeting for your recommendations, justifying your selections. What specific
aspects of the departmental policy need improving and why?


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