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The paper will be 6 typed pages with a minimum of 1,500 words double spaced. You will have to document your research with a minimum of 5 sources and the MLA or APA style of documentation is preferred. The textbook cannot be used as a source nor can you use Wikipedia. The paper is due on April 16, 2023. The topic must show some impact or relationship to some aspect of the American Governmental System. I want to know more than their life story. I want to see your viewpoint represented at the conclusion of your paper. Your creativity will go a long way in determining your grade. Topics will be given on a first- come first served basis. There will be no duplications of topics. There will be no extensions or exceptions to the deadline. Go to Owl Purdue to ascertain how to properly format a research paper and cite your sources.

As analysis of a major issue currently affecting the American Society:

White Privilege in America

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