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Respond in your own word to this post in at least paragraphs.


Part 1: The area in which I could improve the most would be the “Use of Emotions.” I gave myself scores to add up to a 20. This area could impact leadership in the way I read how my team is responding in a specific situation and how I need to address the situation. 

Part 2: I think the idea of using my emotions and the read on emotions of others is important to guide the passion and enthusiasm to the projects and work at hand. I feel like there could be a loss of traction if I have to wait for an employee to tell me their feelings, but if I am able to read a change and then ask for clarity I can move faster to a solution. I would classify this as having more empathy, but also internalizing in myself and my own emotions what is working and what is not. There are times in business to be passionate and there are times to be well-mannered and controlled. I think being able to maneuver within the two and help my team do the same would be a benefit. 

Part 3: I think the main way I can start to improve in this category is by listening and observing more. I enjoy talking, but sometimes it is important to sit back and listen to the room overall and see the theme of what is going on. By feeling the mood of the room and determine how everyone is feeling so I can respond and being solutions oriented. 

Jones, G. (2021). Essentials of Contemporary Management

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