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Schedule a Post-Observation Interview with your cooperating teacher no later than 24 hours after the Formal Lesson Observation

1. Share your self-evaluation 
(JUST DOMAIN 3) using 
Touro Rubric with evidence
 Download Touro Rubric with evidencefrom your lesson you taught

2. Ask the cooperating teacher to provide specific feedback based on his or her observations in relation to Domain 3

   During this meeting you will discuss the following: 

· identify your self-selected 
glow/reinforcement area (using the lens of the HLP/Danielson domain)

· justify the
 glow/reinforcement selection with evidence

· identify your self-selected
 grow/refinement area

· justify the
 grow/refinement selection with evidence

· name actionable next steps to improve the 
grow/refinement and:

· how this will positively impact student achievement

· how this will support other evaluation instrument areas

· identify 
actionable next-steps for 
sustaining performance

· identify 
actionable next-steps for 
improving performance

*actionable – strategies used by the teacher to leverage and promote student learning




Professor’s Comment:

The lesson was succinct and concise. It was created and implemented to reflect high levels of learning where students took abstract concepts and matched them to everyday commonly found objects in their lives. Ms. N has an extensive understanding of pedagogical content and standards. She makes meaningful and relevant connections to real life. She used a variety of resources including videos and charts. Her lesson plan was detailed and developmental. I recommend that the lesson segment be used for Course 683.

My Respond:

I tried to create a lesson where my students can relate the topic to their life experiences. It helps them learn better and creates an interesting and fun lesson atmosphere. In the future, the students will always look

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